Who are we?

Who are we?

“We are a team conformed by specialists and scholars in electoral and transparency. We combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience” 

We are an think tank specialized in electoral issues and democracy. We promote the study and analysis of themes related to these fields as well as the capacity building of political institutions through the creation, generation, promotion and diffusion of projects that contributes to the improvement of democratic processes and accountability in Mexico and Latin America.

How do we work?

We develop projects in both individual and collaborative capacity.


We are a digital project powered through a website where we transmit relevant information in electoral, accountability and transparency subjects, which include amongst others.

1.- Mexican and Latin American electoral calendars

2.- Map in political composition in Mexico with federal, local and municipal        data

3.- Electoral “Annul o meter” where we keep track of which elections has           being annulled by jurisdictional authorities

4.- Analysis and working papers in debate topics regarding electoral and          transparency issues.

Electoral Observatory

Our observatory is devoted to keep track of the appointment processes of electoral authorities: judiciary and executive in both federal and local spheres. We collect all the relevant public information and we provide context and further analysis about particular aspects important for democratic appointment. We publish all the information in our website and in our social media channels.

E- journal 

Democracia & Elecciones

We publish a quarterly e-journal oriented to electoral topics: research, interviews, analysis of resolutions for both electoral and transparency institutions, book reviews and recommendations. The journal has ISBN registry and an Editorial Committee.